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How About Using The Right Perfume?

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How About Using The Right Perfume?

The right perfume use is generally related to where you squeeze perfume in your body. The word perfume comes from the Latin word ”perfumum,” meaning fragrant smoke. It is also possible to understand that it dates back to very ancient times from perfume bottles recovered from the Tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamon. It became an industry in the 17th and 18th centuries. Along with this period, the Grasse region of France became the center of the perfume industry. Currently, perfumes are spoken of by their smell and the effect they leave and even by the design of bottles.

How To Use The Right Perfume?

The places where perfume is most effective in the body have been scientifically determined as the places where people secrete hormones. Perfume has a much higher effect on other people, especially when combined with a person's body hormones. The most suitable areas for squeezing perfume in the body are as follows.

  • Neck and circumference,
  • Joints, inner sides of curved places such as elbows or wrists,
  • Places where there are no sweat glands and perspiration, is minimal.

A critical issue to remember here is that perfume should never be squeezed in large quantities. When using scents that are not sprayed and poured or applied with a sliding stick, you should be careful and not overdo it.

Where Shouldn't Perfume Be Sprayed?

The places where perfume should not be applied in the body are the places where the formation of fragrance is intense, primarily due to sweating in the body. Perfume is never mainly used to mask foul body odors. In this respect, it should not be confused with deodorant. The main places where perfume should not be bored are:

  • Perfume should never be rubbed under the armpit. Perfume applied here loses its effect with perspiration and causes bad smells to appear.
  • Perfume should not be applied to hair. If the perfume applied to the hair remains in the hair for a long time, it combines with sweat and scalp oils and causes unpleasant odors.
  • Perfume is not squeezed into the groin or places left under the dress. In addition to these bad smells, it can cause an allergic reaction or skin problems.
  • Perfume should not be squeezed on the feet. Perfume packed on the feet can cause redness or fungus in the feet, as well as a bad smell.
  • Perfume also does not squeeze the hands. Hands both sweat and cause a perfume's smell to deteriorate and cause the smell of perfume everywhere touched.

Most importantly, just behind our ears has a different smell. It hurts the scent of perfume, which is squeezed right into this area. Behind the ear are oil-producing meringues, as in many areas of our body. Oils produced here interact with bacteria that quickly settle in this area with slight cupping. Although it is a very different smell than when sweat under the armpit reacts with bacteria, a unique smell appears.

Is It Harmful to Squeeze Too Much Perfume?

The harm of using too much perfume is mostly in terms of skin diseases. Squeezing too much perfume can have drawbacks such as:

  • Using too much perfume can cause skin irritation or redness.
  • Perfume can cause severe allergic reactions in people who are extremely allergic to a perfume or the essence in it.
  • An overused perfume can be uncomfortable for surrounding people.

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