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What Is Escentric Molecules Perfume?

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What Is Escentric Molecules Perfume?

Escentric Molecules comes from an aroma-molecule that does not find in nature. It was created in a laboratory in 1973. The reason people admire this scent is that it includes velvety and cocooning effects. The fragrance is in different pairs and each of them has the aroma-molecule in 2 different ways. An important detail that differentiates the brand from others is that the molecule series fragrances do not consist of something called the lower, upper, middle note. Each pair's Escentric scent concentrates on a unique aroma-molecule. The other chemicals in the mix were chosen to complement and enhance this aroma-primary molecule's characteristics. Each pair's Molecule scents adopts a  basic approach. It has no other odorants but the aroma-molecule, which is pure and unique.
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What Does Molecule01 Smell Like?

Molecule 01 perfume consists of iso e-super notes. In other words, 100% of the essence is a single molecule, but the ratio of essence to alcohol is estimated to be around 20-25%. Sweet woody scents and fresh air may come from this perfume. Some other people say that the fragrance of the perfume is similar to fuzzy cedar. As this is a very different perfume from the others, different comments come upon it. However, the general idea about the fragrance of the perfume is that it has forest and woody scents. Although it is a unisex perfume some say that it is more suitable for women.  The comments upon the permanency of the scent are not so positive. People generally say that after minutes it disappears.

What Does Molecule02 Smell Like?

Molecule 02 consists of notes of ambroxan. This perfume is claimed to have very nice, velvety, warm, and deliciously sweet, non-obtrusive scents. But, based on one of the comments I read, some people believe that perfume is the only smells like alcohol. Some people get a heavy smell of musk or citrus from the perfume. The permanence of the perfume is long-lasting. However, some say that perfume is only felt when the body moves. Even, the perfume made itself felt as the body temperature increased, written by a user. Just like molecule 01, there are different opinions on this perfume because it is different from the perfumes on the market.  

What Is The Difference Between Molecule 01 and Escentric 01?

The first difference between Molecule 01 and Escentric 01 is that Molecule 01 is composed of just one note. However, Escentric Molecule 01 has different notes. Their only similarity is they both include iso-e notes. However, in the Escentric 01 different notes are blended with it. Orris, lime, pink pepper, aldehydes, musk, and hedione are some of the notes that exist in Escentric 01.

What Is The Difference Between Molecule 02 and Escentric 02?

Escentric 02 includes both ambroxan and amber. In addition to these, it also includes muscone, lovely hedione, elderflower extract, and orris combine to create a perfume that is identical to actual musk. The scent is light, with a gleaming and quick opening and a warm, inviting finish.


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