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How To Make Perfumes More Permanent?

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How To Make Perfumes More Permanent?

Most people complain because perfumes go cold during the day. That's why we generally prefer to carry perfumes with us. But with these tricks, you will not have to bother taking your perfumes with you, and your fragrances will become permanent throughout the day.


1.Do not put perfume in hot and humid places

First, try not to store your perfumes in hot or humid areas. Because keeping your perfumes in warmer and more humid areas causes the quality of the fragrance to decrease.

2.Body Lotion For Dry Skin

You can use the perfume into your body immediately after applying your moisturizer for a more permanent result. As an alternative, the method you can apply is to take the moisturizer in the palm of your hand, mix it with perfume, and then use it. In both methods, the absorption of the moisturizer occurs, while the perfume's longevity will also increase. But you should make sure that the moisturizer you will apply is not extra essential.

3.Vaseline To Pulse Points

Be sure to apply Vaseline before applying perfume to the pulse points. Thanks to the smell-trapping property of Vaseline, your aromas become more permanent. It would also help if you did not rub against each other after squeezing perfume on the pulse points, wrists. Rubbing your wrists makes the smell fly faster. Applying a minimal amount of Vaseline to the area where you will squeeze perfume will increase longevity.

4. Hot Places On Your Body

Choose warmer areas of your body when squeezing your perfumes. For example, these areas can be areas such as your wrists, neck, and insides of the elbow.

5. Do Not Spray Perfume Directly On Your Hair

Because perfumes usually contain alcohol, squeezing your hair directly will hurt. For this reason, it will be more useful to squeeze perfumes into your hairbrush and comb your hair.

6. Squeeze Perfume Into Clean Body

One of the most common mistakes is to confuse the purpose of deodorant with perfume. When deodorant is used against sweat, the longevity of the fragrance increases. After taking a shower, applying moisturizer to the body will also trap the smell to increase longevity. After squeezing the perfume, do not try to rub and spread the place you are using. Instead of spreading the scent, your contact causes the scent to disappear in a short time.

7. Moisturize Your Skin

A well-hydrated skin better stores the smell. Don't forget to moisturize your skin before squeezing your perfume. To increase the longevity of your fragrance, of course, we recommend using perfume body creams.

8. Squeeze Perfume Into Your Hairbrush

If you want your perfume not to fly for a long time, you can spray perfume on your hairbrush. Hair will prevent perfume from flying and allow you to emit smells for longer. And in this way, you have the chance to leave a pleasant cloud of smell without having to spray perfume on your hair.

9. Don't Forget To Open The Perfume Cover

To continue the magical smell that occurs when you first open the cover of your perfume and maintain the perfume's longevity, you must always keep the cover of the perfume closed. It is not only for perfume but also for all fragrance products that you have used. Even storing your perfume in the box you bought will make your perfume last longer.

10. Mind Your Perfume Choice

Your choice of perfume is also quite useful. One of the enduring scents is scents with woody notes. Citrus notes are closer to flying fast. Bear that in mind. Besides, your skin has more dense content than EDT, constancy, EDP; longevity is more precise than EDT.

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