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Lily Of The Valley

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Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the Valley is a woodland flowering plant with sweet-scented, drooping, bell-shaped white flowers carried by sprays in spring. It is native to the cold temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe. You may hear of lily of the valley was mentioned as “May bells”, “Our Lady’s Tears” or “Mary’s Tears”. All of these names refer to the same plant. And it’s French name “muguet” sometimes used in perfumes with lily of the valley smell. 

It is a very popular flower for a very long time and has a distinct history. Lily of the valley signifies humility, purity and renewal. It was even used to describe Jesus Christ or Mother Mary’s tears. Some others believe that lily of the materialization of Eve's tears when she was kicked out from the Garden of Eden. There are legends about this delicate beautiful flower more than we can count. So it is clear that the lily of the valley has a very important place for thousands of years.

Yet we know it is a very poisonous flower under that bride beauty and heavenly smell. All parts of the flower consist lots of cardiac glycosides, which slow down the heart and cause irregular heart rhythm. Children and pets are more affected by these flowers toxicity. If you digest it in any way you should immediately go to a hospital because there is no doubt that the lily of the valley is a killer flower. Lily of the valley’s toxicity is severe and difficult to treat don’t underestimate that.

Besides all, if you are interested in growing your own lily of the valley in your home or garden, it is indeed possible. This elegant flower literally grows on its own and you don’t need to do much. But lily of the valley only grown during one season. After buds of it, quickening and flowering begin lily of the valley would have like to get cool air. They can survive on normal temperatures but the lower the temperature the longer the flowering last. The usual temperature is around 16 and 21 degrees. 

We mentioned that lily of the valley’s deathly effect then said that it can be grown at home very easily. If it was a different flower anyone probably would have said stay away from that but like we said, it is the great lovely lily of the valley. No one wants to leave this magical flower. Actually, one of these persons is someone everyone knows very well. Lily of the valley was Christian Dior’s favourite flower. Hence, in 1956 he produced a lily of the valley perfume. He named this fragrance Diorissioma. Since then, the fragrance has been reformulated but the main scent is the same as the original. Diorissioma is considered as a classic and still have lots of users. Christian Dior also used lily of the valley in his designs, he even inspired from the flower in his entire 1954 spring collection. 

There are some other significant lily of the valley fragrances too. 

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning
This classic floral fragrance is a blending of iris and lily of the valley with white musk. You will feel like you are just waking up on a Sunday morning with the smell of the fresh sheets.

Chloé Eau de Parfum Spray
A signature scent from Chloé, you can smell the freshness of the lily of the valley with rose amber and pink peony.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium
A fragrance which was kept its beauty since 1977. Opium is a blend of floral and spicy notes. You can smell clearly lily of the valley, rose, clove, tangerine and coriander.


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