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What are the Most Trending Scents in Women's Perfumes?

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What are the Most Trending Scents in Women's Perfumes?

Women's perfumes are the fragrances that women prefer to have a beautiful and impressive fragrance. This point has also been launched by producing perfumes suitable for the most trend fragrances in many brands women's perfumes. You can also like the smells of these perfumes and choose these fragrant perfumes. So, what are the most trending scents in women's perfumes? Let's examine it together.

  • Giorgio Armani, MY WAY

Giorgio Armani, MY WAY, which starts a new era in femininity with its bright white flowers, designed on the principle of commitment to sustainability, reflects the idea that journeys shape our personality, whether geographical or spiritual. The people we meet on the road and the moments we live bring with it a unique life. Perfume's motto," I am what I live," argues that our experiences and experiences form ourselves. In addition to the bottle being recyclable, the materials used in its production are also produced from recycled materials. All ingredients are obtained sustainably, reducing the environmental waste rate significantly. MY WAY best reflects the brand's environmentally-focused efforts and serve you unique features of the women’s perfumes.

  • Tom Ford, Black Orchid Perfume

The New Black Orchid perfume is born from the combination of precious oils with ingredients such as the hypnotizing Black Orchid and the seductive ylang-ylang. The black plum in its content gives the smell an even more effective structure. Focused on the seductive effect, The Perfume is presented timelessly like gold in a gold-colored bottle. Available in 50ml and 100ml formats, The New Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume demonstrates an elegant stance with its golden bottle and golden cover.

  • Valentino Beauty, Voce Viva

Voce Viva creates an unforgettable feeling like the voice of someone we love. Together with the feminine power that makes Valentino unique, in the spirit of Italian dolce vita, Voce Viva invites us to experience our true selves. Voce Viva, expressing the open worldview of modern-day Valentino, celebrates one of the women's most individual characteristics. Voce Viva, which means more than a name, calls out our greatest dreams and then calls them to life. On the top note, bergamot extract, collected from Calabria in southern Italy, is softened with a sweet and juicy Italian Mandarin extract, evoking the senses with its brightness and bright air. On the heart note, a bouquet of colorful white flowers inherited from the Haute Parfumerie goes the way of Haute Couture, forming the fragrance's heart. On the base note, the unexpected Crystal Moss aroma adds a modern intensity to Voce Viva, while it is enriched with vanilla, which perfectly complements the fragrance.

  • Louis Vuitton, California Dream

Louis Vuitton is experiencing a sunset dream with its new perfume, California Dream. Expert perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, captures the delicate extracts of Mandarin in tonic freshness with California Dream, blending them with light musk notes and making them reveal their magic once again. For the expert perfumer, who says that creation begins with the feeling of creating a warmth that will surround the cool, the different shapes that the sky enters at sunset are an endless inspiration.

  • Tom Ford Rose Prick

Taking its inspiration from my Rose Garden, Rose Prick is a wild blend of vertiginous and rare bouquet. Thanks to that feature it is one of the best women’s perfumes. Having a warm and delicate texture, the perfume has a pure and pungent smell. In the fragrance's base notes, the blossoming bouquet of Bulgarian roses and Mai Rose is sharpened by the intense fire of Sichuan pepper and the spice of turmeric essence.

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