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What Is the Cedar Tree? What Are Its Features?

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What Is the Cedar Tree? What Are Its Features?

The cedar tree, a species of coniferous tree, is in the pine family. Cedarwood, which is used for medicine and care in the health sector, continues to be the gateway to treatment for billions of people, especially its history. The tree species, which has an average life span of up to 1000 years, is coniferous. It can stand on the leaf for six years without shedding. It is known that the most extended living variety of the Pinaceae family, which loves the Mediterranean climate, is in Turkey. 

What Are the Features of Cedarwood?

The cedar tree, which is three-pointed and coniferous, is also small-bud. Cedar trees that live 2000 and above are also present, although their average life expectancy is 1000 years. That discovered a cedar tree found in the Kumluca District of Antalya in Turkey in 2332 due to research. Cedar, which has been defoliant for many years, is also always green. It has the property of being thick green coniferous.

Although it is known that some features of pine trees are similar, the leaves of the tree have different size characteristics. Cedar, which has cones and forms cones in about two years, lives in hot weather rather than cold weather. Being a reasonably robust tree species and beneficial in health, it is at the beginning of the tree species that man wants to grow the most. It is used as pharmaceutical material for complaints such as urinary tract inflammation, acne, blackhead, and cough.

Although some experts have stated that cedar is drinkable by joining water, there is no clear information on whether this method is healthy. There are many counterfeit products on the market under the name cedar tree oil. For this reason, when you buy oil, you should be careful to buy it from a reliable place. Contrary to what is expected, serious problems may occur in your skin.

Use of Cedar in Perfumes

Among the fragrance groups that make up perfumes, there is an entirely different place of woody notes with their richness, warmth, and depth. Woody perfume groups take their place among the most admired fragrance groups almost anywhere in the world.

Woody scents, tree, resin, moss, bark, pinecones, shrubs, roots are created with notes derived from natural materials. All these notes have a vibrant and distinctive character.

It gives a denser Woody effect of grasses and leaves. Patchouli and vetiver notes are a perfect example of this. Woody notes turn into terrific perfume mixes in harmony with aromatic notes and citrus notes.

The depth that Wood adds to the smell leads perfume manufacturers to make such fragrances their crown. Among the woody notes, they stand out the most. The notes of sandalwood, pine, patchouli, vetiver, and cedar, which play a crucial role in making perfumes, are the most ambitious notes of this group. Cedarwood has a creamy effect and is a beautiful scent. It brings warmth to the smell in which it is located.

Perfumes consisting of hot-note fragrances fall into the woody fragrance family. You may find cinnamon, tobacco, sandalwood, cedar, or ginger notes in these perfumes' contents. Patchouli is also a common ingredient in Woody and spicy fragrances. Because these fragrances are more intense, permanent, and sharp, they are most suitable for the winter season. They can be massive for the summer. You can also use perfumes containing cedarwood with different characteristics according to your tastes and needs.

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