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What To Consider When Choosing Perfumes

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What To Consider When Choosing Perfumes

Perfumes, which people have used for centuries to give fragrance to their bodies, rooms, clothes, become the most excellent complement to the personal image in daily life. The smell of a stylish outfit, a decorative hall, an exclusive store remains first in memory. Although the scent is in the lead of our lives, its importance is often ignored. However, by getting to know the smells better, you can make your style unique and make a perfect first impression with the right choices.

Choosing the right perfume is not as complicated as you think; with a little attention, knowledge, and technique, you can easily find your indispensable fragrance. Starting with the basic perfume categories and learning about scents, you can create your roadmap for the right choices. Not every fragrance is called perfume. The basis of fragrances consists of essences. Organic and synthetic extracts obtained from plant and animal origin are processed and converted into essential oils. For example, it's none other than the Amber smell that whales know about vomit that has petrified the oceans over the years. Essential oils, perfumes, plant juices (hydrosols), colognes make up the spreadable fragrances found in daily life.

On the other hand, fragrances in different forms, such as frankincense and incense, are still used in daily life to give aroma to the environment. Perfumes, on the other hand, are basically classified into three categories. So, what should be considered when choosing perfumes? Let's go through all the details together.

Perfume Selection Highlights

There are different points to pay attention to when choosing a perfume. We can detail these points as follows.

Be Calm

Don't feel pressured when choosing a perfume. If you find it challenging to find a scent suitable for your skin and taste, consult your immediate surroundings or store attendant. If you tell them the types of fragrances you like and the perfumes you have used before, they will give you appropriate advice.

Perfumes Smell Different In Each Skin

Remember, every perfume smells different on every skin. A smell that you like in your friend may not like on yourself. Therefore, do not take it without trying.

Try Different Scents

Don't settle for one perfume. If you use the same perfume for five days in a row, you will no longer be able to smell it, and you will start to forget to wear it. Use at least three different perfumes so you can keep the scent on your skin fresh.

Try Tester

Small card-shaped saws coming out of magazines can give you an idea of this product. But to find out if it suits you, be sure to try the perfume by squeezing it on your skin, for example, on your wrist. You can't get the smell right the first time you squeeze it because it's intense, so it's misleading. During the day, that density decreases, and the perfume's essence remains; take this into account.

Focus with your eyes

Also, focus on your eyes when trying perfume. It doesn't make you smell better, but it gives your attention to the smell you get.

Opt For Deodorant

 When buying perfume, do not neglect body lotions, creams, and deodorants, which are very useful for the summer of the same smell.

Squeeze Enough

Squeezing too much perfume by exaggerating is the biggest mistake made. Because after a while, you can't get the smell of perfume right; you can't tell if you're squeezing it more or less. Squeeze the perfume into the wrist and behind the ear; these areas facilitate the smell's spread. Chest, buttocks, and upper legs are also ideal for wearing perfume. In these areas that do not contact the air, the scent also retains its long-term permanence. Squeeze the aroma by holding the bottle a little away. Do not squeeze it towards your face significantly as it can damage sensitive skin.

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