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Who is Andor Hun?

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Who is Andor Hun?

Andor Hun, who is an American but of Hungarian origin, stated in an interview that he has been very interested in fragrances since his childhood.  He is so interested in scents that even when his mother bought a plant, she asked Andor Hun to smell the plant and she was curious about his ideas. Andor Hun has always visited botanical gardens and greenhouses throughout his life. In his spare times, he wandered the forests and smelled everything from trees to flowers. He insured his nose for one and a half million dollars. He got a chemistry education at Colombia University and he has been a perfumer for more than 50 years.

How to Be a Perfumer?

One of the first rules of being a perfumer is to pay attention to what you eat and drink in your private life. The reason for this is that excessive smoking or alcohol use can damage the sense of smell. If perfumers' sense of smell is damaged, they cannot sense the notes and aromas correctly. Also, someone who wants to be a perfumer must have a special interest in fragrances. Because this is not just about fragrance and bad odor. Thousands of ingredients underlie fragrances, and it takes patience to examine and test them all.

Education of Being a Perfumer

There are various courses and workshops to become a perfumer. There are also institutions that provide private perfumery training. Institut Superieur International du Parfum is one of them. In order to get an education there, candidates must pass a difficult entrance exam and have completed university-level organic chemistry courses. If you want to become a perfumer, it is recommended to focus on the chemistry department of universities. So you can see the field and have information.

Those who do not prefer to go to schools to become a perfumer may have little knowledge of the cosmetologists they work with. Over time, as they work with perfumers, they can transform from an apprentice to a master perfumer.

What Does a Perfumer Do?

A perfumer is sometimes called a nose because of their high skills of smell.  Perfumers are responsible for evaluating the quality of the odors.  They analyze their suitability for the standards of the products. This is their main responsibility. The other things that a perfumer is expected to do are listed below:

While analyzing the odors in every aspect a perfumer becomes a counselor to his or her staff. If there is something wrong he or she warns them to avoid a delay.

A perfumer witnesses the preparation process of the fragrances and makes physical and chemical tests. Then s/he analyses the results.

The perfumer makes the reporting to the required places according to the test results.

But the most important of all is to understand whether the product is really as desired after the perfume-making process is finished.

Perfumer's knowledge of the perfume before the product is made is very important in this sense.

While perfumes are created in the laboratory, the perfumer is responsible for the health of the employees.

The perfumer must regularly check both chemical materials and the laboratory in case there is an accident.



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