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How to Make Perfume at Home?

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How to Make Perfume at Home?

Handmade perfumes are perfumes obtained by mixing home scents and ingredients. No matter how many materials are available at home, it is not possible to make exactly the same perfumes available on the market. But fragrancies close to them can be obtained. The best time for handmade perfumes is definitely spring. It will be quite simple to obtain floral perfumes in this perfume in which various flowers bloom. Woody-scented perfumes can be obtained in autumn. DIY perfumes are timeless, as they are generally an activity that can be done in all seasons and all times.

How to Make Rose-Scented Perfume at Home?

Making perfume at home seems difficult, but it is actually quite easy. For this, the first thing you need is a small or medium glass bottle. The easiest perfumes made at home are those made with rose. Rose-scented perfumes are the ones that mostly preferred handmade perfumes. The fragrance of the rose is so romantic and passionate. Here is the step for you to get a rose-scented perfume:

Put 3/4 of the leaves of your roses in a large glass jar.

Put half a glass of vodka in it.

Add optional rose essence or oil.

Close the jar and leave it in a cool and dark place for 1 day.

After 1 day, add 1 glass of sterile water.

Leave it on for 1 week and mix it with a spoon once a day.

As the last step, strain the perfume with a strainer and add it to the perfume bottle.

How to Make Jasmine-Scented Perfume at Home?

Imagine carrying the scent of jasmine on your body, which is good for the nerves! It is quite easy to make perfume from the jasmine flower, a fragrance that will make you feel fresh from top to bottom. Here are the ingredients:

2 tablespoons of vodka

1 tablespoon of orange flower water

30 drops of jasmine oil

5 drops of vanilla oil

5 drops of lavender oil

As a first step, add vodka to a glass bottle with jasmine, vanilla, and lavender oils. Stir in this essential oil blend.

As a second step, add orange flower water to the mixture that you have kept for two days and shake it gently.

Wait for 4 weeks, at the last stage if there is residue, filter it with a fine and clean cheesecloth and pour it into an empty glass perfume bottle or spray bottle.

Can Handmade Perfumes Be Sold?

If the perfumes that you have started to make at home as a hobby has become a habit for you, you can sell them. Before you sell, you can give your close friends a gift of perfumes you make at home. Also, making sales on social media will be a good start for you to get your name heard. In addition to this, it is easier to access people in this way. You will also likely earn high because no one will say no to perfumes made with natural ingredients at home.

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