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Aquolina Pink Sugar Review

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Aquolina Pink Sugar Review

The Paglieri Group, a prominent Italian corporation that has been a leader in personal care for almost 130 years, owns the Selectiva brand, which was launched in 2001. Within a few years, Selectiva has climbed the success ladder, reaching market leadership in the gourmet part of the home care, moisturizing, and body fragrance categories.

Selectiva exports to more than 50 countries and is at the forefront of the high-end niche perfume market, having been highly selective in the perfume channel both in Italy and abroad. Aquolina, which Selectiva debuted in 2001, has established itself as the world's leading gourmet in fragrance. While emphasizing its '100% Made in Italy' identity, the brand appeals to customers with its iconic and compelling packaging, the authenticity of the mark, and smells that are faithful to 'taste.' The brand which was first known for body care products and cosmetics targeted at the youth market,  gained new customers with the release of its first perfume Aquolina Pink Sugar in 2003.

In 2006, Blue Sugar, a men's perfume, joined the Aquolina family, which shook the world with its cotton candy scented perfumes.The company continued the theme of cotton candy scented perfumes and sweet fragrances with the launch of Chocolovers in 2006. A Tweety collection for teenagers was launched in 2008. Winning the hearts of young people, the company introduced Sugar Sensual in 2009 to a mature audience for older age groups.

Aquolina Pink Sugar  was made in collaboration with perfumers Givaudan and Shyamala Maisondieu and launched in 2004.

What Are The Notes In Aquolina Pink Sugar?

Aquolina's first fragrance, Pink Sugar Perfume, is an exquisite smell for young girls who love sweets. Cotton candy scented perfume Aquolina Pink Sugar has top notes of bergamot, Sicilian orange and green fig leaf, hearth notes of lily and licorice and red berries, while its gourmet dryness comes from vanilla, caramel and musk.

What does Pink Sugar perfume smell like?

The Pink Sugar Perfume is a sweet and feminine scent with gorgeous pink and white packaging. Sales data in the United States, Russia, Japan, France, and Italy have confirmed the success of Aquolina Pink Sugar, which young girls and young women can't get enough of it. From the moment it launched, Aquolina Pink Sugar, which captured the imagination of young girls in particular, was out of stock. While Aquolina Pink Sugar is described by its consumers as cotton candy scented perfume, it ensures that it forms an aura around you smell so good. It is clear that once you start using Aquolina Pink Sugar, you can't quit. Aquolina Pink Sugar has been described as a pleasant girlfriend perfume by lovers. Aquolina Pink Sugar is one of the best sweet cotton candy scented perfumes that is noticed and loved in every environment.

Is Aquolina Pink Sugar long lasting?

Pink Sugar Perfume is recognized for making the bathroom smell like cotton candy, even after clothing are tossed into the dirty basket after being worn during the day. Aquolina Pink Sugar begins to spread with the aroma of cotton candy scented perfume and continues with vanilla after sitting over time, winning hearts with its durability both in clothes and on the skin. Pink Sugar Perfume, which is advised for usage more in the winter months due to its high sugar content, but also enjoyed by those who use it on summer days and summer nights when the weather is not too hot.


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