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Cologne or Perfume?

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Cologne or Perfume?

Cologne, which did not disturb others with its pleasant smell and natural essences, spread beautiful scents around, was no longer as famous as before. But with the introduction of the coronavirus into our lives, the colognes have returned to their former glory days. We can express that Cologne is now much more used than before. But, of course, not for a good smell. Before comparing Cologne and perfume, let's examine what Cologne is.

What Is Cologne?

Cologne, one of the critical factors for protecting against the coronavirus and ensuring personal hygiene, has become one of the most popular hygiene products. There has been a significant reduction in stocks, especially with experts recommending Cologne high in alcohol. Citizens who pay attention to the degree of alcohol when buying Cologne wonder what the degrees found on the Cologne mean. Alcohol degrees are determined according to the alcohol content of the Cologne. Generally, 70 degrees and 80 degrees of alcoholic colognes have come to the fore as the virus process's recommended degrees. Cologne, which consists of 80-96 percent ethyl alcohol and the rest of it is water and Essence, does not deteriorate for an average of five years as long as its mouth is closed and away from the sun. The feeling of relaxation and refreshment after applying Cologne is that the ethyl alcohol in it is volatile and takes the body temperature with it as it evaporates.

What Is Perfume?

Perfume is the general name of mixtures obtained from fragrant essential oils, aromatic mixtures, and various chemical substances to give a good smell to the human body, multiple objects, and environments.

The smell is called each of the chemical substances felt by the sense of smell, usually dissolved in the air in minimal concentrations.

Pleasant and beautiful fragrances created by flowers in nature and synthetically produced essences are called perfumes. Herbal essential oils obtained from various flowers and plants are passed through some fermented processes. The concentrated essential oil is obtained with the addition of some raw materials to make the smell permanent. Full essential oil is the most expensive perfume in the world. Even some essences are sold for very high sums.

Eau de perfume; although the concentration of Essences is 3-5 degrees lower than natural fragrances, the smell is sharp and permanent.

Eau de Toilet; essence content is the lowest perfume and is not permanent.

Parfume Deo spray is a low-odor perfume applied to the armpits.

Parfum Body Lotion; Body Odor.

Comparison of Perfume and Cologne

It occurs with the proportion of ethyl alcohol in the difference between Cologne and perfume. While the ethyl alcohol content in perfume is 25 percent, this rate can fall to 3 percent in Cologne. A different feature of Cologne from perfumes is that it is refreshing. Alcohol in Cologne, which we apply to our skin, quickly evaporates in contact with air. The vaporizing alcohol molecules bring coolness to the skin by drawing heat from the environment. As we all know, the pungent smell of high-grade Cologne has a sobering effect. Cologne's fragrance loses its impact in a shorter time, while perfumes accompany its user for a long time.

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