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Everything About Sandalwood

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Everything About Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a kind of essential oil that was commonly used on aromatherapy and fragrances. Sandalwood is made from different types of sandalwood tree of the genus Santalum. But traditional high-quality sandalwood essential oil comes from a tree named Santalum album and it is only grown in India. In the Indian culture, the Santalum album is considered very important and some believe it is even holy. Unlike many other essential oils, sandalwood keeps its fragrance for tens of years.

Sandalwood has a characteristic warm, soft, smooth and worthwhile wood scent. It is usually used in woody based, oriental, fougère, and chypre perfumes. Sandalwood is also a key for floral ambery perfumes which contains white flowers like jasmine, gardenia, plumeria, tuberose.

This creamy and milky essential oil has so many benefits except its fragrance.

Some Of The Benefits Of Sandalwood;

-The mental and spiritual benefits of the sandalwood can’t be underestimated. Sandalwood has a peaceful, calming effect and it is widely used for traditional spiritual rituals like meditation or prayer. In your reed diffuser or a few drops directly to your skin, you will immediately feel the clearness it gives and relax.

-Sandalwood gives spectacular results on the skin. Sandalwood oil can moisturize your skin, you will feel like a baby. It can help to remove sun tans and soothing sunburns with its cooling effect. Sandalwood brings minor contractions in your soft tissues and tightens your skin, this is why it is used in most facial products. Sandalwood also has an antiseptic effect that can prevent pimples, sores and acnes.

-Sandalwood is safe. When used properly sandalwood is extremely safe. According to NCBI(National Center for Biotechnology Information), minor cases of skin irritation or sensitization reactions to sandalwood oil reported in the human literature but it is so rare. So there is a very low chance for sandalwood is not good for you. In addition, ingestion or oral usage of sandalwood has no bad effects if used accordingly.

-Sandalwood is good for your body. Because of its sedative effects, sandalwood is excellent for treating insomnia, migraine or headaches.

-Sandalwood has benefits for your hair too. You can apply 2 drops of sandalwood oil to your wet hair and you will see the perfect results. It gives your hair more shine and moisturizes it. You can also use it by addşng a few drops to your regular shampoo or hair conditioner.

-Sandalwood helps plants to overcome stress and grew more. Yes, you read it right, if you spray your nearly dying plants sandalwood will help them to survive.

-In Chinese and Indian medicine sandalwood is used for some of the treatment of the diseases like the common cold, urinary track infections, liver and gallbladder problems, digestive problems, muscle problems, mental disorders, haemorrhoids and scabies.

Why Sandalwood Oil Is So Expensive?

Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world and it is very rare. Sandalwood is rare because it is over-harvested back in history and it is a slow-growing tree. Hence there is not enough sandalwood to require the demands. The oil comes from the extract of the wood itself and a tree cannot be harvested until 15 years old. A piece of advice; don’t get caught in cheap sandalwood scams. Since it is very expensive it is very usual to buy other stuff in the name of sandalwood. If you want to use sandalwood correctly and need it to be sure that the one you bought is authentic.

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