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Famous Perfume Influencers on YouTube

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Famous Perfume Influencers on YouTube

Maybe social media influencers can promote every product, but there are also influencers who are famous for promoting perfume only. But of course, it's not just about Instagram. There are also perfume-content channels on YouTube that try various fragrances and make videos on them. Thanks to these videos, many people learn about the fragrances they are going to buy or want to buy. Brands can also find the opportunity to introduce their perfumes to wider audiences. Here are some of the best perfume influencers on YouTube.

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Jeremy Fragrance

If you think that the love for perfume is only for women, you are wrong. Jeremy Fragrance is actually a model at 32 years old. Every perfume video shot by Jeremy Fragrance, who has more than one and a half million subscribers on YouTube, usually gets 500,000 views. This view rate can sometimes go up to 1 or two million. When we look at Jeremy Fragrance's perfume reviews, we can see that he has divided perfumes into various categories. Fragrance not only examines luxury brand perfumes such as Channel but also categorizes brands' perfumes into certain categories. Some of the categories are listed below:

  • Summer Fragrances
  • Seductive Fragrances for Women
  • Best Date Fragrances for Women.

Tiff Benson

Tiff Benson is another YouTuber who shares her perfume reviews on her channel.  She also has a beauty blog that she writes about beauty products. She has more than 77.000 subscribers on her channel. The rate of watching her perfume review videos is not so high, but although this, her name stands out in fragrancy review videos. Also, she has a pretty face with curly hair. Due to her remarkable face, she attracts the attention of brands. Benson, who has 80.00 followers on Instagram, has a separate blog on Instagram where she only shares perfume reviews.

Best Perfume Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a big part of our lives and it's easier to access people on there than on YouTube. The reason for this is that people do not want to spend time watching something. Most of them find reading easier. Therefore, the sellers of perfumes or the owners of brands choose Instagram for the sellings. Victoria Frolova and  Ben Gorham are two of the most popular Instagram perfume influencers.

Victoria Frolova

Frolova, who has a blog called Bois de Jasmin, is a blogger famous for her perfume reviews. When we examine the Instagram page of Victoria Frolova, who defines herself as a perfume blogger, a fresh page welcomes us. Frolova's blog, which has plenty of flower photographs, of course, includes abundant floral scented perfumes reviews. Victoria mostly appeals to females in their thirties and forties.

Ben Gorham

Although he does not share so much perfume reviews on his Instagram page, his account is very suitable for influencing. He may not make collaborations with other perfume brands but he has his own perfume brand.  He has an interest in fragrancies since his childhood and he turned his passion to his job. Also, he was a basketball player which means that he has a wide audience. He shares his lifestyle on Instagram and attracts audiences and costumers for his brand.

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