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A Quick Look To Quirky Brand Moschino

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A Quick Look To Quirky Brand Moschino

Moschino is one of the most wonderful Italian brands as we all know. Moschino is continuing to surprise the whole fashion world with its funky and unusual designs since the time it has founded. There is no way that you wouldn’t recognize a Moschino garment with just a glimpse if you have at least a little curiosity in fashion. 

This crazy and unique brand is started with Franco Moschino. Franco Moschino was a fine arts student in Accademia Delle Belle Arti in Milan in 1967. His dream was to become a painter but he fell in love with the fashion on the way as he was doing freelance fashion illustrations for major magazines to finance his school. In the year of 1971, Franco Moschino started to work with Gianni Versace. After six years with Versace, he became the lead fashion designer in Cadette until he founded his own brand Moschino.

 In 1982 Franco Moschino’s First collection has featured and it really became a success. Moschino was adored by people not only because of its quirky, eccentric and bizarre designs it’s also because of Franco Moschino’s social awareness campaigns and criticisms of the fashion industry. People loved him, adored him because he was a passionate person, he didn’t stop himself for some fashion restrictions or criticisms. Franco Moschino is the one who made Moschino this unique and independent. It is not a brand that will fit into the fashion, it is the brand that becomes fashion itself just like Franco Moschino.
Moschino launched its first Fragrance “Moschino” in 1987. After the success of his first fragrance, Franco decided to open a more accessible line that anyone who wants can wear because fashion is not just for the people who have money, it is for everyone. This line led him to start a long campaign to raise awareness for fashion and caring for the environment. He once said “Being fashionable means being aware of the evil that can be done to nature. Nature is better than couture. "

 Sadly, Franco Moschino passed away in 1994 when he was just 44 years old. Rossella Jardini, his right arm took his place after Franco’s death. Rossella Jardini contributed to the brand until 2013. Jeremy Scoot took her place and Moschino to a whole different level with his vision which is essentially the same as Franco Moschino. Why Same? Because he didn’t hesitate about anything and didn’t care about what is fashion, just like Franco. His collections and collaborations became a thing all over the world. Jeremy continued to Franco’s critiques of the fashion industry and social awareness campaigns in every show he created.

 Jeremy Scott still transfers his funny and kooky personality in his designs and that’s what makes Moschino alive. We hope that he will proceed to surprise us with his offbeat designs, after all, creative persons like him are hard to find.

MOSCHINO TOY 2 by Moschino

This fresh and very simple perfume by Moschino is released in 2018. The noses behind the scent are Alberto Morillas and Fabrice Pellegrin. Toy 2 is a floral woody fragrance full of positive vibes and happiness. The scent of magnolia gives a powdery effect. After a time, you can feel the second part of freshness with the sweetness of the peony and jasmine. 

Toy 2 is in an iconic Moschino teddy bear-shaped bottle, which makes it more fun and Moschino. Toy 2 is perfect for the spring and summer months; it is sweet and designed to give you more confidence and playfulness. 

Top notes are mandarin orange, green apple and magnolia. Middle notes are jasmine, peony and white currant. Base notes are amber wood, sandalwood and musk. 


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