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Perfume Selection According to Skin

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Perfume Selection According to Skin

Do you ever smell your friend's perfume and like it very much, but you never like its smell when you take it and use it for yourself? That is because we all have different skins. Because it's our skin that gives life to the smell. The perfume that mixes with our skin sometimes smells very striking, and sometimes it can be pale. For this reason, the perfume you choose is essential. According to your personality and preference, perfume varieties are deep, dense, and mysterious (vanilla, sandalwood, etc.) from light, spacious and romantic (rose, jasmine, etc.) varies by Variety. Experts recommend that brunettes choose more intense scents, while blondes choose light and fresh scents. But, of course, people's preferences also play a vital role from this stage. To select the right perfume, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about smell.

Layers of Perfumes

Perfume has 3 layers:

Top layer: this is the smell that comes to your nose when you first smell the perfume. It is usually temporary and quickly disperses.

Middle layer: it is the smell of perfume in a time between a few minutes to hour. It has a tissue that slowly disappears.

Basic layer: 30 minutes after applying the perfume, you start to hear the primary layer. This fragrance, which is usually mixed with the middle layer, is the perfume's main feature.

Perfume-Related Considerations

  • Be patient for the perfume with 3 layers to reveal itself.
  • Change your perfume with the seasons. It can reduce the effect of your perfume’s smell.
  • Choose the afternoon to buy perfume. During this period, your sense of smell is at its peak.
  • Apply more perfume if you have dry skin. In those with oily skin, the scent is more permanent.
  • Take a shower and apply the perfume after it is completely dried.
  • Spray perfume where you can measure your pulse for maximum effect.
  • Do not wear another fragrance on the day you buy perfume. It affects each other, and you can't choose comfortably.
  • Do not spray excessive perfume. Excess odors will cause headaches for both you and those around you.
  • Do not spray perfume on jewelry and pearls. It can damage the alcohol coatings in it.
  • Don't buy a perfume before trying it on your skin. Squeeze into your skin and wait a few hours. At the end of this time zone, look at how it smells and decide so.
  • Do not rub the perfume after squeezing it. This action will cause the molecules to break down.

When Is Perfume Used?

Whether you're in the office, at the beach, or preparing for a birthday or wedding, perfume families with a wide selection offer something for everyone. Each of the perfume families complements specific seasons, moods, or outfits. It is therefore worth considering which fragrance is suitable for each activity. Here are a few examples of when you can wear a scent and its most popular notes:

We spend a lot of time in our workplace, so it's crucial to get a scent that fits our work environment. Go for light, fresh and delicate perfumes from flowering or fruity families, which won't find much power during the day - and be careful not to over-spray at work.

You may also want to consider Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, rather than actual perfume or shaving, as their formula is less concentrated. Some examples of notes suitable for workplaces include apples, mint, and citrus. However, if you're going to a business meeting and want to make an impression, feel free to look for something a little bolder, such as Rose, Amber, jasmine, or vanilla.

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