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How To Smell Like A Celebrity?

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How To Smell Like A Celebrity?

I think we can all agree that everyone who reads this thought how it would be to be a celebrity? You know, just wondering about how does it feels? Okay, maybe being Rihanna is an impossible dream but you know what, you can always smell like her or any other celebrity. We owe this gesture to the beautiful thing called fragrance. You can learn any celebrities signature fragrance just by looking for it. In this blog post, I will be telling about two fragrances that celebrities actually use in their life. Let's start with Rihanna's legendary perfume.

Rihanna's Signature Perfume

You may be heard about Rihanna's magical perfume that makes everyone who met her want to worship her. Some of the names who said that Rihanna's smell is like heaven, gorgeous and love: Jennifer Lawrence, Cardi B, Nick Jonas, Ryan Seacrest, Jim Parsons and many other ultra-famous celebrities. After these compliments, naturally, everybody asked about her perfume. Rihanna never answered this question, I mean I wouldn't answer too if I were her. But luckily one of her friends slipped that her signature "celestial" perfume. It is By Kilian Love, Don't Be Shy. If you ever smell that perfume you will definitely understand why Rihanna wears this scent.

By Kilian Love, Don't Be Shy introduced in 2007. It has a very womanly and cakey smell. The top notes of this tempting and charming fragrance are coriander, bergamot, pink pepper and neroli. In the middle notes, you will smell rose, iris, sweet jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom. And finally, keynotes of this seductive perfume are vanilla, luscious marshmallow, caramel and civet. Ultimately, when you wear this perfume you will smell like the most delicious cake ever made on earth. If you want to smell yummy and Rihanna, you should absolutely give it a try.

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s Unisex Perfume

The newly-wed bride and stunning model Hailey Bieber shared her signature perfume in an interview with Elle Australia. She explained that she is wearing Bond No.9 New York West Side. She used these words about her perfume, " It smells awesome. I like it because it’s not like a super girly scent, like or a boy or a girl could wear it. And secretly, the reason I know what the scent  is because a boy had been using it, and I was like, ‘I like this for myself, so I’m gonna use it.’”

Bond No.9 New York West Side released in 2006 as a unisex fragrance. This fragrance is inspired by the music of New York City. The bottle is a red star and has colourful treble clefs on it, so it is in a harmony with its smell and name. Bond No.9 New York West Side's top notes are rose, peony, sandalwood, amber and ylang-ylang. In the base, it contains touches of musk and vanilla. When you first open it you feel the strong and bold ambery, floral, sweet notes. I think we can understand why Hailey Bieber chose this fragrance, it has everything it's bold, comforting, dense, elegant, unisex with a little womanly side and of course, it is long-lasting. What can you expect more from a fragrance? If you think like Hailey, looking for a non-girly yet pleasant scent, this fragnence may be the best for you.

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