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What to Know About Perfume Use

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What to Know About Perfume Use

How To Find The Right Perfume?

The best time to buy perfume is in the morning. The sense of smell is still awake in the process, and everyday odors have not yet been mixed into the air. But it is always worth noting that the nose gets tired very quickly. So much so that after only sniffing it three times, it becomes difficult to tell the difference. Despite this, it can distinguish six scents between different notes. That's why experts note that the best way to re-clean our sense of smell may be with fresh coffee. Coffee flavor neutralizes all other odors and gives you a chance to make your next choices again.

When And How To Use Perfume?

Experts note that the ideal time to apply the perfume is after a shower. The body temperature caused by fast blood circulation allows the smell to be taken to the skin more permanently and prevents the aroma from changing. Perfume applied to the wrist loses its smell identity because of the effect of rubbing damages its molecules. Do not forget the following method; first put the smell in the air, and then stand under a cloud of smell!

Where Are The Areas Where Perfume Is Most Permanent?

Among the ideal body areas that extend the permanence of smell, the temples, between the two breasts and the inside of the arms stand out. These specified areas of the body are where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. Hence they are warmer. That, in turn, ensures that the smell is perfectly trapped in the skin in these areas. Experts also recommend an immediate change in the habit of riding a smell behind the ear! Because in this area, the skin produces more oil, which can cause its content to change when combined with the smell.

Where Should Perfume Be Stored?

One of the places we all love to showcase our perfumes is bathrooms. But this bright, warm and humid environment shortens the life of the perfume. It is best to keep the lid closed in a cool, dark place without moisture, for example, in a closet or drawer. Even refrigerators are recommended as ideal places for perfumes.

Why Do Perfumes Smell Different On Every Skin?

Perfumes consist of alcohol, a range of aromatic oils, and water. When these oils meet on the skin, they react differently according to each skin type. Mild reactions in one skin and strong reactions in the other skin also cause odors to smell differently.

Is It Possible To Change Perfume During The Day?

Taking a shower is not necessarily an action to change perfume. In this direction, you can easily change your perfume scent without taking a shower. Since odors lose most of their notes in about four hours, it will be okay to use other odors from this time.

How Long Does A Smell Last?

General rule; the more effective the alcohol content of a perfume, the stronger its longevity. The fragrance concentration of pure perfume is high. But odors with a low alcohol content should be consumed no later than six months. Eau de perfume and eau de toilette can last up to three years as the alcohol ratio is intense fragrances. If your perfume's smell and color have changed, all you have to do is throw it away. Instead of making you smell good, these perfumes cause you to have a disturbing smell.

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